Matteo white leather sofa

  • corner sofa
  • Sofa with relaxing seat
  • sofa with storage compartment
  • Sofa with peninsula
  • linear sofa

Matteo sofa

Matteo, the masculine name for this relaxing sofa by Delta Salotti. Super-equipped sofa, which is 26-strong; good figure in your home. In addition to having the comfortable recliner movement of the seat and headrest to make you experience a pure well-being experience, it has incorporated a very practical glove compartment between the seats, to have everything in order and within reach. The comfortà This modern sofa is combined with the Sound 2.1 system and the Smart Sound mounted on the armrests, an optional feature that will guarantee you 26-degrees; a rewarding moment of rest and relaxation. The design is not then challenged. Lines designed to meet the eye, and shapes that refer to the comfortà Then there are many compositions available to accommodate the più various needs for space.

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