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Design sofas

Design sofas enrich the furniture of contemporary living rooms with their shapes and volumes, completing the style of the lounge as fundamental furnishing pieces. Sofas are the main characters of our home: they welcome us during the moments of private relax and they let us enjoy convivial events and conversations with friends and relatives. When we have to choose a design sofa, we have to evaluate some factors: the quantity of empty space and the final collocation of the product, in order to properly shape the conversation area. They have to meet the style of the other pieces of furniture, the practical need of who owns them and the chromatic shades of the rest of the ambience. Never forget to evaluate the quality of the productive processes and materials, which make your sofa long-lasting and precious over time. Delta Salotti offers a rich and interesting catalogue of design sofas, which can surely meet the personal needs and tastes of each client. Double and triple design sofas, with a comfortable chaise longue, long sofas and even corner sofas will be available. All our models can be personalized with regard to coverings and details and they are all thought in order to ensure the maximum comfortability thanks to innovative mechanisms of movement, which allow the regulation of seats and headrests on the basis of the personal needs.