Mantegna upholstered leather sofa

  • Sofa with peninsula
  • leather couch
  • linear sofa
  • upholstered sofa
  • Sofa with reclining headrest

Mantegna sofa

Artistic name for the Mantegna sofa of the Delta Salotti Design Collection line. Tailored design for this important design sofa. Its specialà it is found both in the stitched seams and in the leather piping that runs along the armrest like a brushstroke. All to highlight and emphasize its pure and essential lines. Even moreù captivating make it the various compositional configurations, the sofa in fact è available both in the linear version with two or three seats and in the connotation with peninsula, to satisfy infinite needs of space. Comfort and well-being are ensured by the adjustable headrest and the memory foam seat, which make Mantegna an experience of pure relaxation.

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