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Delta Salotti presents the Design Line, a unique collection of sofas with a contemporary appeal, comfortable and aesthetically precious. The design sofas by Delta Salotti are always created with the maximum care for every detail. They count on essential and geometric lines. They strike especially fot their well-defined and trendy shapes. The various sofas from the Design Line can be customized with coverings in contrasting colours and with supporting feet with a special design, in order to slender or emphasize the volumes of the model. What's more, many products come with adjustable headrests and mechanisms of movement, for a personal regulation of elements which can satisfy every peculiar need, always in the name of comfortbaility and well-being. Another peculiarity of these sofas is the value reflected by thier smallest details: upholstered with high-quality fabrics, selected leathers, special capitonné and many technological tissues, Delta Salotti sofas can amplify the sensorial experience and pleasure during the daily use. All this, in full compliance with the unique features of quality and comfort typical of the company.