Michelangelo white leather sofa

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Michelangelo sofa

An eye-catching and very particular design for Michelangelo, the classic sofa by Delta Salotti that enriches the Classic Collection range. The deep and comfortable seat, the arched and abundant armrests, the special and artisan workmanship capitonnè that almost completely covers the sofa, are the peculiaritiesà of Michelangelo. This sophisticated model captivates by the original 26-year-old; forms and becomes the protagonist in classic residences, stealing the scene from the rest of the furniture. Delta Salotti instills in Michelangelo all the qualityà of materials and 26-craftà that distinguish it. In combination with the fantastic sofa also a coordinated pouf, totally "ed, contaminated" he too from the decorative workmanship to capitonnè

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