The soul of Delta salotti sofas, or “ the stems”, are made with first quality woodà and are subjected to resistance and stability tests. Based on the modeling, steel and aluminum also enter the construction of the load-bearing structures, in combination with polyurethane foam and foam.
To ensure uniform resistance to weight stress, the è equipped with elastic straps with differentiated texture in the seats and backrests. In some models, steel springs are used instead of straps or in combination with them, which give great strength and consistency to the seat.

  • Delta Salotti drum structure
  • Delta Salotti sofa structure


The seat frames, which are subjected to greater stresses, are made with interlocking bands and with reinforcing corner squares, which make them firm and non-deformable. The 7cm elastic straps are stretched on the seat frames to support the cushions and ensure adequate springing, balanced to the general comfort of the living room. The straps are crossed with each other through a mixed process of manual skills; and mechanicsà with the same degree of tension to ensure greater homogeneity; in weight distribution.

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