Delta padding is of great qualityà whyé they must be soft and elastic to ensure comfort and keep their shape without stiffness for this reason we pay particular attention to the choice of raw materials and their processing.
The padding of the sofas is made with: CFC-free flexible polyurethane foam, CFC-free flexible polyurethane foam with pocket springs, polyester fibers, memory foam, d’ goose down.

  • Delta Salotti goose down


The feather d’ goose è an organic material and, like wool, è considered a “ flame-retardant” natural, does not require special treatments and is considered optimal for l´ high security furniture. È also antistatic, hypoallergenic, hygroscopic and insulating. In particular, the feather pillow looks like a shell sectioned into different compartments. Inside each compartment the quantity 26-agrave is inserted; of feather ideal to create the pillow, increasing the quantity; of feathers the pillow swells and takes shape obtaining soì a soft and welcoming shape that farà part of the sofa. In Delta sofas, down is used above all in the backrests, giving softness softness; and comfortà ;.

  • Memory Foam Delta Salotti

Memory Foam

Viscoelastic polyurethane foam, well known in the production of pillows and mattresses. Also called “ shape memory” è a thermosensitive foam that gradually deforms with the heat of the body, keeping this deformation in memory for a few minutes. E’ in degree così to model itself perfectly to our body, in order to distribute the pressure evenly, giving support without compressing Ciò allows greater comfort, promoting blood circulation and relieving muscle contractions.

  • Delta Salotti polyurethane foam

Polyurethane foam

The polyurethane foam we use for our. sofas è soft and elastic, but also load-bearing and comfortable, always breathable, it does not retain dust and therefore è hypoallergenic. E’ a synthetic material that does not contain chlorofluorocarbons, its structure with open and thin cell walls makes it light and permeable to air. It also guarantees an excellent level of performance over time, under compressive stress, even if a minimum percentage of yield in the volume of the cushions is within the norm. To give greater comfort to the padding, we use 26-density polyurethane; differentiated that adapt anatomically to the shape of the body. The session è composed of ecological high-density polyurethane foamà differentiated in combination with coil springs. It ensures the right support and, at the same time, guarantees maximum durability and non-deformability; in time. Polyester fibers are essential to guarantee resistance and softness; to our padding. They do not contain electrostatic charge, are inert, bacteriologically do not develop mold, are resistant and do not mature elements of humidity.

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