Our Leathers

Delta Salotti leathers

The leather with which we cover our sofas, is been carefully selected with regard to its exclusive bovine origin, so it as to be considered as a precious and natural material. In Delta Salotti we select only the best tanned in Italy leathers, processed by skilled and experienced Italian tanners, who can ensure the real value of the covering over time.
The main features of our leathers are softness, firmness, solidity, quality of dye, breathability breathable and light resistance. With regard to the 100% natural origin of leathers, on their surface can appear scars and small wrinkles, which have to be considered as signs of quality and value. These little blemishes, as well as tone and grain variation of the leather surface, cannot be considered as defects: they only demonstrate its authenticity, without putting in doubt its resistance and durability.
The upholstery of our sofas includes a wide assortment of leathers, going from the pigmented leathers to the pure aniline ones.

Corrected leathers

Easy to use and maintain, corrected leathers are the ideal solution for the customer who considers the sofa as a island of pure relaxation in a dynamic and stressful lifestyle. Covered with a light layer of protective dye, able to preserve the material from stains, they combine the advantages of the naturalness and softness of the raw material with the excellent performances of wear and colour resistance.

Natural leathers

Scars, wrinkles, texture and grain variations can be seen on the surface of this kind of leather and have to be considered as the proof of the careful work of our tanners, who pay high attention to the preservation of the original values of the natural leather. Every sign is a peculiar feature of the material, which proves the absolute authenticity and quality of our leathers and workmanship.

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