Our skins

Delta Salotti leathers

The skins, with which we make our sofas, carefully chosen, are of bovine origin and must be considered as a natural material. In Delta we select only the best leathers that are processed in Italy by skilled and expert Italian tanners and, being a quality leather, guarantee the value of the investment over time.
The characterizing notes of our leathers are softness, compactness and solidity; of colors, the capacityà breathable and lightfastness. Precisely due to the naturalness of our leathers, scars, small wrinkles, testimonies of real life that speak of their natural origin may appear on their surface. These signs, as well as small differences in tone and grain present on the surface of the leather, rather than being considered defects demonstrate its authenticity 26-agrave; and l’ uniquenessà and do not affect né on the resistance of genuine leather né on duration.
The upholstery of our sofas includes a vast assortment of leathers, ranging from pigmented leathers to pure aniline leathers.

The protected skins

Easy to use and simple to maintain, they are ideal for those who see the sofa as a safe haven in a quick and dynamic life. Covered with a light layer of protection capable of preserving them from stains, they combine the advantages of naturalness and softness with good resistance to wear and fading.

Natural leathers

Veins, wrinkles, differences in grain visible on these leathers testify to the careful work of preserving the original values of these leathers. Each trace è a peculiarityà which proves the absolute genuinenessà and the great qualityà of leathers and processing.

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