Our fabrics

Delta Salotti fabrics

Delta Salotti selects for its sofas only the fabrics produced by the most qualified and prestigious textile companies. The Delta Salotti padded furniture can be upholstered with various types of fabric: NATURAL, STAIN-RESISTANT, TECH.

Natural fabrics

The high-quality natural fabrics selected by Delta Salotti are always made in Italy:

Cotton, Linen, Hemp, Yuta, Agave, Coconut, Manil, Rafia, Ramiè

Silk, Wool

Stain-resistant fabrics

The stain-resistant fabrics by Delta Salotti are durable, elegant, smooth, breathable, washable with the washing machine, hypoallergenic and antibacterial. What's more, they count on an exclusive added value, determined by some special treatments that come from the latest nanotechnological innovations, thanks to which the fabrics become hydro and oil repellent, but always breathable. In this way, the liquids do not penetrate the coverings, even after many hours of stagnation and several washes.

Tech fabrics

The range of non-natural fabrics is wide and includes the Microfibre, a high-quality material both with regard to the excellent tactile and aesthetic appearance and to the comfortability and technological properties.

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