Our fabrics

Delta Salotti fabrics

Delta Salotti selects for its sofas the fabrics offered by the most qualified and prestigious manufacturers. Delta Salotti sofas can be covered in fabrics: NATURAL, STAIN-RESISTANT, TECH.

Natural fabrics

The natural fabrics applied to Delta Salotti sofas are of excellent quality; and strictly made in Italy:

Cotton Linen Hemp Yuta Agave Coconut Manil Raffia Ramiè

Silk Wool

Stain-resistant fabrics

Delta Salotti's stain-resistant fabrics are resistant, elegant, pleasant to the touch, breathable, machine washable, hypoallergenic and antibacterial. They are endowed with a decisive added value since they are very important; they have a special treatment that comes from the latest generation nanotechnology, thanks to which they are water and oil repellent, safeguarding the breathability. In this way, liquids do not penetrate into the fabrics, even after many hours of stagnation and even after several washes.

Tech fabrics

The range of non-natural fabrics è very vast and includes Microfibre, a material of excellent quality; both as regards the tactile-aesthetic aspect and for the comfort and the many properties; technological.

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