In case of stains on the fabric

Stains on fabric upholstery

Liquids remain on the surface and are easily cleaned even after many hours.
Quantities 26-agrave are required for washing; reduced in detergent and additives of any kind are not recommended.

Watery spots. Caffè ;, chocolate, té ;, fruit juice, cola, etc ...
Remove the stain with a dry cloth or absorbent kitchen paper without applying pressure. If the stain persists, wipe gently with a clean, non-abrasive and damp sponge.

Oily spots. Oil, fat, ketchup, sauces, etc ...
E& # 39; simply remove the stain with a dry cloth or absorbent kitchen paper. In the event that the stain, due to a pressure action, should penetrate, dab and rub gently with a non-abrasive and damp sponge and with a small amount; of Marseille type soap. Rinse thoroughly with a clean sponge soaked in water only to completely remove the soap residue from the fabric.

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