Innovative technologies

AquaClean Technology

Aquaclean Technology is a revolutionary treatment that allows you removing stains from your coverings, simply by using a little bit of water. In this way, an easy but efficient maintenance will be carried out in a minimum amount of time. Aquaclean helps to get rid of the most common domestic stains (wine, ink, sauce, fat, mud, chocolate, body lotion, etc.), simplifying your household chores and saving time for more interesting activities. AquacleanTechnology is an advanced solution created in order to perfectly protect the upholstery of your sofa. The treatment covers every fiber of the coverign with an invisible molecular layer, preventing dirt and fluids from being asborbed by the fabric.

Algotex X6

Algotex X6 technology allows to cut fabricup to 8 cm in thickness, namely almost 40 layers of covering! Thanks to this system for the automatic cutting, Delta Salotti can ...

Supporting feet varnishing

Delta carefully develops productive processes on the basis of the full respect for environment and human health. For some time, Delta has joined a plan fot the reduction and control of the industrial environmental impact, with regard also to the law for the abolition of chromium varnishes. In fact, for the last 2 years we have included an alternative chrome-free varnish within our productive processes.

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