Delta selects only high-quality paddings, because they must be soft and elastic in order to ensure the maximum comfort and to preserve their original texture and density, without stiffnesses; for such reasons, the company pays particular attention to the choice of raw materials and their treatments. The paddings of our upholstered sofas are made with CFC-free flexible polyurethane foam, CFC-free flexible polyurethane foam with pocket springs, polyester fibres, memory foam and goose feathers.

  • Delta Salotti goose feather

Goose Feathers

The goose feathers are an organic material and they are considered as a “flame-retardant” padding solution, exactly like wool; goose down does not require any special treatment, being naturally the ideal filling for high-security upholstered furnishing elements. Feathers are antistatic too, hypoallergenic, hygroscopic and insulating. In particular, feather cushions are filled within various compartments of density. Inside each section of the cushion will be inserted the proper quantity of feathers, in order to create the ideal cushion: while increasing the quantity, the pillow swells and takes the peculiar rounded shape, soft and charming. With regard to the Delta Salotti feather sofas, this type of padding is used most of all for the backrests, which have to be soft, comfortable and properly fluffy.

  • Memory Foam Delta Salotti

Memory Foam

Viscoelastic foamed polyurethane is a technical material, especially used for the production of pillows, cushions and mattresses. Also known as “memory foam”, it is a thermosensitive foam that gradually deforms itself with the heat of the body, adapting to its shapes and maintain the imprint for a few minutes. Memory foam can easily model itself on the basis of the shapes and weight of the person who is sitting or settling down, distributing the pression uniformly and giving support without compress. This peculiar ability ensures the maximum comfort, while increasing the circulation of the blood and alleviating the muscular stress.

  • Delta Salotti polyurethane foam

Foamed polyurethane

The expanded polyurethane we use for our sofas is soft and elastic, but also resistant and comfortable, breathable, dustproof and hypoallergenic. In particular, it is a synthetic material that does not contain chlorofluorocarbons; what’s more, its peculiar internal structure, with open and thin cells, makes it light and air-permeable. It also ensures an excellent performance with regard to stress and compression resistance, even if the loss of a minimum percentage of the volume is quite normal. In order to make our paddings even more comfortable, we use only polyurethane with differentiated density; the various zones, with different density, will adapt anatomically to the shapes and weight of the body. The seats are composed of high-density ecological foamed polyurethane, in combination with helicoidal springs. This special material ensures the proper support for the body and, at the same time, guarantees the maximum durability and stability through years. Polyester fibres are essential in order to make our paddings always resistant and soft. They never contain electrostatic charges, they are inert, antibacterial, resistant to moisture and humidity.

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