Delta Salotti Warranty

5 years Limited Warranty

All our products are handmade following carefully the most ancient Italian artisan traditions. The use of natural coverings mixed with our manual production processes, guarantees the originality and exclusive value of always different products.
Delta Salotti guarantees the quality of the material, internal structures and workmanship, for a period of five (5) years starting from the purchase of the products. Depending on the case, the metal mechanisms (apart from the bed frames) are ensured for a period of two (2) years. Please remember that, after the first year, the guarantee covers the replacement of the components only, not the labor. Cushions, mattresses, bed mechanisms and seams are warranted for a period of one (1) year after the purchase.
For the leather products, Delta Salotti enusre the 100% cowhide origin. The company offers a leather warranty which covers scratches and cuts for two (2) years after the purchase. The latter, does not rate claims for folds or natural marks on the leather surface or grain and colour variations, which are the direct consequence of the natural origin of the covering. These signs are simply the proof of the authenticity of our cowhide and the care during the various treatments. Damages for burns, cuts, animals scratches or other inherent are expressly excluded from this warranty.
As usual within the padded furniture industry, fabrics and microfibre tissues are excluded from warranties.


The warranty refers only to pieces of furniture used in normal domestic contexts and maintained following the instructions provided by the manual that comes with every Delta Salotti product: the guarantee does not cover the damage of products used in commercial, contract, rental, institutional or other non-domestic backdrops.
Damages won't be ensured in case of improper cleaning, misuse of the product and negligence. Similar conditions will have the injuries caused by the application of chemical products on leather, the misuse of stain removers or creams, the direct sunlight exposure, the excessive heat and the prolonged exposure to halogen lights.
Any form of peeling, discoloration or cracking of the leather, caused by the previous inattentions, won't be covered by the warranty.
What's more, it won't be valid also with regard to injuries caused by the use of corrosive materials, such as acids or solvents, paints, ink, colours or body fluids: the warranty won't consider the improper use, abuse or natural calamities; will not cover possible damage occurred during the transport of the product, except in cases where it is shown that the damage occurred during the transport phase by Delta Salotti.
It won't be applied to showcased or on-sale products or "as is" purchased furniture.

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