Sofa Liverpool

Modern lines and accurate details for the sofa Liverpool Delta Salotti, equipped with functional adjustable headrest with ratchet snap based on the sought posture and feet in wood with chrome trim. The wooden structure and derivatives, high-strength elastic belts, limbottitura of the seat and backrest in polyurethane foam. Experience the relaxation offered by Delta Salotti is made complete thanks to Sound 2.1 and Smart Sound systems, which can be mounted on the armrests or sullangolo and equipped with optional tablet, to fully enjoy the rest immersed favorite musical moments nellambientazione . Handcrafted attention to materials and craftsmanship with which the company manufactures its sofas goes hand in hand with technological innovation: the home automation systems developed by Delta Salotti, in fact, allow you to control the sof via smartphone or tablet downloading free unapp dedicated.

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