Classic Collection

Classic line

Delta Salotti realizes the Classic Line. Traditional sofas. great charm and the recognizable shapes, upholstered timeless. Quality, sophistication and uniqueness characterize the entire collection.



The chairs of the Classic Collection for Delta Salotti, are distinguished by the refinement of the lines and their timeless elegance. A wide range of classical armchairs, made with care and quality.


Traditional sofas

The classic sofas speak of tradition, the dellaccoglienza value of research and attention to detail. The dynamism of the technological elinnovazione Delta Salotti production system enable the company to offer even for classic sofas solutions to decorate the living room of our house with upholstered of great quality, from the choice of materials to coatings and elegant lines. Every detail made with the typical custom-crafted products. Classic sofa thus becomes a piece of furniture with timeless appeal, designed to enhance the environment for relaxation and convivial moments to spend with family and friends. To give special charm to the classic living rooms are the coatings, which are carefully chosen in shades and materials: in line with the classic style, Delta Salotti offers for its refined colors like crafting sofas and cream, or important colors such as purple and burgundy, combined with soft capitonn and texture work and pleasant to the touch.